Jim Lazarotti Letter to CF&GC on Steelhead Season and Low Flow Closure.

Sept. 16, 2003

California Fish and Game Commission
Robert R. Treanor, Executive Director
1416 Ninth St.
Sacramento, CA 95814

Dear Sir,

I respectfully urge the California Fish and Game Commission to NOT adopt the proposed season change and low flow closure of the central coast (Monterey, Santa Cruz and San Mateo Counties) steelhead streams.

These regulation changes are not needed - - all fishing on these waters is catch and release only, with barbless hooks that release by merely slackening the fishing line. There is no biological reason to:
  1. Delay the start of the season. Mr Urguhart states that "few if any 16" adult steelhead are caught". Last November, I hooked ten steelhead ranging in size from 16" to 22".
  2. The existing low flow closure on the Carmel River was started when the river was "catch and kill" and had a serious poaching/snagging problem.
This regulation proposal is another one of the attempts to blame recreational fishermen for any alleged decline in the runs of steelhead. This is particular galling to this 71 year old fly fisherman, because during lower, clearer flows is when fly fishing is effective.

Never is a word said about illegal water diversions, siltation of the streambed, predation by federally protected birds and pinipeds, or the yearly fish kills on a San Mateo County estuary due to the actions of the California Department of Beaches and Parks. It would be better to address these concerns rather than adopt a season change and a low flow closure.


James A. Lazarotti

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