Jim Lazarotti Letter to CF&GC on Surfperch Limits

Sept. 17, 2003

California Fish and Game Commission
Robert R. Treanor, Executive Director
1416 Ninth St.
Sacramento, CA 95814

Dear Sir,

In 2001, I suggested a regulation change for surfperches to make a minimum size limit of nine inches for Barred, Calico and Redtail Surfperch.

The commission changed the regulation to a five perch bag limit, and put a 10.5-inch size limit on only Redtail Surfperch. This was a good change but leaves the Barred and Calico Surfperch to the mercy of anglers who keep anything from 2-inches up!

According to marine biologist Dr. Milton Love, Redtails are all mature at 10-inches, Barred by 8-inches and Calicos are not known.

I therefore suggest for reasons of uniformity as well as sound biology that Redtail, Barred and Calico Surfperch have a 10-inch minimum size limit.


James A. Lazarotti

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